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TrashCoin Services

We will be providing both Economic and Social services. Economic services by making profit and creating jobs while also creating a social impact by cleaning the environment and supporting the local communities.

TrashCoin utilizes an AI powered Reverse vending machines which works with our mobile Application. This machine would be placed in retail shops, and petrol stations. Where the App users can locate the closest machines to them, deposit all their empty bottles, and get rewarded with TrashCoins, which can be exchanged for cash, food vouchers or gift items on our platform. Also, parents can use cash earned from plastic waste to pay for their children’s school fees.

TrashCoin Operations:

Services will be divided into three main steps:

Collection: People from every part of Nigeria will be paid for trash return at collection machines identified. Agents will mobilize them and deliver them to the processing place.

Shredding: the labels and bottle tops are removed from the bottles; they are then sorted to different types and colors then shredded by the machine. The plastic flakes are then washed to remove dirt and packed ready for sale.

Selling: delivery of plastic flakes to processing factories.