We are creating a global plastic recycling system that benefits the planet and the people


Our Positioning

There is a space to be claimed in the market. For a digital and decentralised trash company that gives waste a real value. We are the only African AI-powered recycling company that facilitate decentralized waste collection through direct incentives.



The management team is made up of ten members from diverse backgrounds and different…

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To ensure plastic waste is eradicated to the bear minimum while leveraging technology to create …

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Giving plastic waste a value while incentivizing and mobilizing people to take action. 

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Meet the list of our partners who have made it possible for TrashCoin to continue …

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What we do

The Problem

Nigeria produces 5.9 million tonnes of plastic waste annually, polluting the environment and increasing the likelihood of sanitary emergencies.

Our Positioning

There is a space to be claimed in the market: a digital and decentralized trash company that alleviates Nigeria’s urgent problem.

The Solution

Educating the public on waste management, incentivizing them to take action. Therefore giving value to plastic waste.

Core Audience

Our core audience are; consumers, local governments, local businesses and corporate partners (CSR)

The Ambition

Deplore a waste infrastructure that recycles more plastic than it dumps in landfills, therefore increasing plastic recycling in Nigeria up to 80%

Volunteer with us

We are looking for volunteers eager to make a difference through Trashcoin. Click here for more information.

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