Trashcoin UG

TRASHCOIN Limited, the Nigerian subsidiary, plays a crucial role in the
implementation and scaling of the digital technology for waste collection and
management. The company is responsible for buying back the collected plastics from the local communities, processing them, and supplying them to the international markets in Germany, Europe, and the rest of the world.

By doing so,TRASHCOIN Limited creates new economic opportunities for individuals and communities in Africa and supports local communities in the sustainable management of waste.

Our Approach

How we do it

Our approach to achieving environmental impact is centered around ensuring a
clean environment free from plastics, litter, diseases, and other forms of pollution.
We recognize that Nigeria’s hot climate contributes to a high demand for bottled
water and soft drinks, leading to signi

cant plastic waste on the streets. By
prioritizing the collection and recycling of these stray plastic bottles, we can
make Nigerian cities cleaner and more beautiful. We also aim to remove plastic
bottles as a problem threatening the cleanliness and beauty of our cities by
collecting and recycling them from dumpsites.