Our team


Wogu Nnodim Eliot

CEO/ Business Developer

Eliot holds a Bachelor’s degree in Geology and a MBA in International Management from ESB Business School, University of Reutlingen. Eliot is a 2015 Tony Elumelu Entrepreneur Fellow and a recipient of the Nigerian Presidential Award for Innovation. He has over 6 years of experience as a business developer and recently completed a business development role with Faurecia, working on a BMW project. Additionally, he has several years of relevant experience as a founder and co-founder of three different start- ups which were developed into full businesses and were either merged or acquired/adopted by Government agencies. In 2016 he developed a tracking and monitoring system that helped parents and guardians monitor their kids remotely. Then, during the pandemic he developed "Infodemics" for communication during the epidemic outbreak, which was later adopted by the Nigerian Center for Disease Control in the fight against Covid-19.


Daramola Damilola (CTO)

B.Sc Info Tech and Full Stack Developer

Damilola is a B.tech holder in Information Technology, Prolific, full stack web and mobile developer with a passion for metrics and beating former "best-yets." With outstanding dexterity in languages such as Java, Php, NodeJs, Flutter, Prototyped 10+ new product features for Reedax.io. He led a team of developers to explore and execute their innovations for waste management solution, resulting in over 45% increase in customer satisfaction and engagement at Trashcoin. He is passionate about building world class web and mobile applications. Among all, he has engineered modern applications with PHP, LARAVEL, JS, NODE, SQL Server and NoSQL(MONGO-DB) and also utilized Cloud Computing service for efficient development on Google Cloud. He currently exercises his duty as CTO with Trashcoin, and Team Lead at the Nimedix.


Prudence Okonna

Program Manager

Prudence Okonna has a BSC in mass Communication and Certification in management from the Nigeria institute of management. She has over five years of experience in media and communications and has managed some projects like the YALI Abuja summit in 2020. Her passion towards value creation and telling impact oriented stories inspired her recycling journey in Trashcoin.


Simon Rozenstock

Business Development and Sales Intern

Hello, I’m Simon Rozenstock, a Costa Rican studying at Tulane university in New Orleans. I love studying business and playing/watching football (soccer).As a passionate learner, I believe a day without learning something new is a day wasted. I stive to expose myself to uncomfortable situations in order to learn form them and become a better person. I speak five languages and I’m eager to learn more. Im known for being a high critic of food and for knowing random facts about everything.


Breck Dunbar

Sales and Marketing Intern

Hello, I’m Breck Dunbar! I’m a student at Northwestern studying environmental engineering, and I have always been passionate about preserving the environment and specifically doing so through the lens of environmental justice, working to correct how environmental damage tends to harm those already at the bottom of institutionalized systems of power the worst. The trashcoin mission speaks to me, because it offers the opportunity to both preserve the physical environment and improve the wages and quality of life of those who partake in this new sustainable system. At Trashcoin, I work on sales and marketing, attempting to find partners who will work with Trashcoin going forward through joining onto our platform so that we can continue to expand and implement our mission.


Lucy Climer-Kennedy

Strategy and Operations Intern

Hello I’m Lucy! I am from Seattle Washington and I am studying Entrepreneurship and Marketing with a concentration in Sustainable Development at Washington State University. I am passionate about creating solutions benifical for both the planet and people living on it. I enjoy rowing and cycling in me free time and love spending time in nature.


Gabriela Muniz Chams

Business Analyst and Project Management Intern

Hi I'm Gabriela! I am from Colombia but I currently attend the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. I am completing a Bachelor of Science in Biopsychology, Cognition and Neuroscience. My interest outside of my major include astronomy and the environmental sciences. I truly believe that we have the resources to aid our environment and society from the terrible consequences of incorrectly managed plastic waste. My hobbies include being a food critic (especially ice cream) and traveling.


Tom Simmers

Finance and Excel Extraordinaire Intern

I focus on providing financial documents that allow Trashcoin to understand their current assets and how much they can spend on endeavors. I am also creating models for future years concerning revenue sources and expenditures to help them manage their cashflow.