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Wogu Nnodim Eliot

CEO/ Business Developer

Eliot is currently enrolled as an MBA International Management student at ESB Business school, Hochschule Reutlingen.

Before joining the course Eliot has successfully founded two start-ups that tackled problems such as insecurity and Health, his latest start-up was adopted by the Nigerian Centre for Disease Control for Information dissemination and rumour management in the fight against Corona Virus. He is due to graduate by the end of April 2021

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Ibrahim Ogundinmu

Chief Marketing Officer

Mr. Ibrahim is currently studying for a Master degree in Bio-Economy at the University of Hohenheim. Ibrahim comes in with a lot of theoretical knowledge about the Green circular economy and how to make our environment sustainable.

He also has over 8 years entrepreneurial experience as a blogger, digital marketer and E-commerce Caption business in which his company processed over $350,000 in sales. He is due to graduate in August 2021.

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Abdul-Hafeez Ibrahim

CTO/Tech Lead

Abdul-Hafeez is currently enrolled at the University of Applied Sciences Nürtingen- Geislingen where he is studying Sustainable Mobility (MS.c) and due to graduate by August 2021.

He is now a Full stack web developer after completing the 1year course at the Strive school Berlin in November 2020.