About Trashcoin

Trashcoin is a digital Waste Management platform that combines sustainability
and n-tech to recover recyclable waste from communities in African countries.
The platform provides an opportunity for individuals to deposit recyclable waste directly into their digital wallets and receive credit that can be withdrawn as cash or used to purchase essential services like electricity, health insurance, education fees, and mobile data. This innovative solution is modeled after Germany’s plastic deposit refund system and aims to address the issue of poor quality supply between Africa and the European market.


Trashcoin offers a transparent and eficient platform for individuals to sort their waste at source, find the nearest recycling hub, return their recyclable waste,
and get paid. The platform ensures that the recycled plastic material is of high
quality, transparently priced, and meets the demand of European companies
looking to purchase recycled plastic materials.

Our Mission

Trashcoin’s mission is to promote sustainable waste management practices in Africa, support local communities, and contribute to the circular economy. With the Trashcoin platform, individuals and businesses can take meaningful steps toward achieving their sustainability goals, while also promoting positive social and environmental impacts.

Our Vision

  • To ensure plastic waste is eradicated to the barest minimum by leveraging technology to create a circular economy while lifting communities out of poverty.
  • Becoming Africa’s preferred incentivized trash collection system.
  • Empowering and mobilizing people to take control of plastic waste while also improving health, mortality rates, and education.

At Trashcoin, we believe in the power of collaboration and mutual growth.

Our Impact

Our solution aims to reduce plastic pollution and its impact on the environment
and climate. By collecting and recycling plastic waste, we are able to save 750
tons of CO2 per month, contributing to a cleaner and more sustainable planet.

Our Commitment

We Are...

We are committed to creating social impact by integrating informal waste collectors into our value chain, creating employment opportunities, and sensitizing the public about the dangers of non-biodegradable plastic. Through our system, we can empower street kids to work with us by collecting plastic bottles and returning them to collection points, providing them with a source of income and reducing their reliance on begging or resorting to violence. This creates a platform for us to engage with them and create awareness about sensitive issues and their general welfare. Ultimately, this benefits everyone in the country and beyond.


Our solution also has a signiicant economic impact, as TrashCoin creates
employment opportunities in Nigeria and raises the quality of life for its citizens. We aim to help factories that process plastics by acquiring locally cheaper raw materials, leading to lower prices for finished products and providing a boost to the masses. In the future, we plan to support the pyrolysis of waste plastics, generating our own fuel and creating more job opportunities at the pyrolysis plant. This will help subsidize fuel prices for residents by using locally-made fuel
instead of importing it.

Trashcoin UG

TRASHCOIN UG is a holding company based in Germany that owns the digital
technology used by its Nigerian subsidiary, TRASHCOIN Limited, for digitizing the waste collection process in Nigeria. This technology aims to streamline the waste collection process, making it more efficient and environmentally friendly. The technology has the potential to transform the way waste is collected, managed, and recycled in Nigeria and other parts of the world.

In addition to digitizing the waste collection process, TRASHCOIN UG is also responsible for finding business partners in Germany and across Europe to buy the collected and processed waste. This will create a market for waste products that are typically discarded, and promote recycling and environmental
TRASHCOIN UG’s digital technology is currently being tested with the German plastic deposit refund system operators, with the aim of replacing the paper vouchers that are currently being used. The digital technology will allow for a more efficient and streamlined refund process, reducing waste and making recycling more accessible and convenient for consumers. This could have
significant implications for waste management and recycling efforts in Germany
and beyond.


Our Approach

How we do it

Our approach to achieving environmental impact is centered around ensuring a
clean environment free from plastics, litter, diseases, and other forms of pollution.
We recognize that Nigeria’s hot climate contributes to a high demand for bottled
water and soft drinks, leading to signi

cant plastic waste on the streets. By
prioritizing the collection and recycling of these stray plastic bottles, we can
make Nigerian cities cleaner and more beautiful. We also aim to remove plastic
bottles as a problem threatening the cleanliness and beauty of our cities by
collecting and recycling them from dumpsites.


Trashcoin Limited

TRASHCOIN Limited, the Nigerian subsidiary, plays a crucial role in the
implementation and scaling of the digital technology for waste collection and
management. The company is responsible for buying back the collected plastics
from the local communities, processing them, and supplying them to the international markets in Germany, Europe, and the rest of the world. By doing so,
TRASHCOIN Limited creates new economic opportunities for individuals and communities in Africa and supports local communities in the sustainable management of waste.